Murder at the Dart

Murder at The Dart

July 2016

Crow and Raven Work by Lee Cripps

I've always been intrigued by Crows. I can remember my Mom (technically my Great-Grandmother, who raised me) talking about them a great deal in my childhood. She was an incredibly superstitious woman, and handed down the intrigue of 'magic' to me from an early age.

Crows and Ravens are magical. Their jet black colour, the rustle of their wings on a silent morning, their mystery. They exist on the edge of our reality, skirting dimensions unknown to our lowly perceptions. The crow's wings are singed black from dipping them in the ether of the afterlife.

This body of work explores the subject of Crows as figurative expression – body language and expression, as well as myth, legends politics and the compulsion that grows from superstition and the superstitousness which is fed by compulsion.

As an artist I would categorize myself as an expressionist. Every element plays a part in creating a dialogue with the audience. And a dialogue is created with the canvas as well. By utilizing existing and found materials I am like a crow and the canvas comes with its own character and voice in the conversation. Using existing materials in this way, building on their rich, raw aesthetic value, I am able to add my own vision and expression of not only the crow subject, but a tone, an experience of mysticism, gritty reverence for the supernatural. Using found materials also becomes a comment on the state of our connection to the Earth. We as a Society, Nation, World, do not need to mass produce many things any longer. We have enough. At this point we really need be looking at way to reuse what has already been created.

These crows are icons for a higher connection to nature which is experiential. They're also a comment on behaviors which build over a lifetime in part from nurture and in part from nature. In this body of work, the revered Crow becomes an icon for connection to magic, obsession, our greater connection to nature...

Lee Cripps/ Criptyk

Visual Artist
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