Wendy Bissett Beaver: As Scene by City & Sea Oct 29 – Nov 17

Born and raised in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Wendy Bissett Beaver grew up with a passion for creating colourful images. Growing her talent from those early days with crayons, Wendy now works with acrylic and ink to bring her pieces to life.

Through her art, Wendy shares her quirky perception of the world. She is drawn to urban scenes for their ability to provide the ultimate flexibility when being realized on canvas – you never know what surprises her cityscapes might hold!

Bright, bold, and colourful, Wendy’s art is her tribute to her family, friends, and the community that have helped shape her impressions of life and its many challenges, surprises, and gifts.


MaeisArt is about colour, vibrancy, and the unexpected manipulation of our surroundings. It’s about capturing life along with the fun and beauty that exists in every day objects, buildings and surroundings.

Acrylic and ink are my mediums of choice. They are extremely flexible and make it possible to communicate a powerful message on each canvas. Although acrylics dry fast, I like the challenge of quickly mixing and manipulating the wet paint. The versatility of painting with acrylics and the fact that they work well with my use of ink is why I continue to use them.

Using ink with a number of different application tools helps me to add a sharp, detailed feel to each piece. I use the ink to highlight and accentuate the beauty I see in every element of my paintings. Ink gives me the finished look that I desire.

The inspiration for my art comes from my surroundings and my family. The lines and curves of architecture excite my creative-self, and I love having the ability and opportunity to show people the hopeful and beautiful aspects of human life. Art provides me with a chance to showcase old memories in a new light for those who have special feelings toward Nova Scotia and the Atlantic.

My paintings are my love. They are my gift to the people that influence and impact my life. They are my gift to the community that has given me so much.