Kelli Janson – Light & Land March 26-April 21

“Anyone who has moved from an urban centre to a rural community, can relate to the push & pull to return home. For me, the constant road trips along NS Highway 101 have been both a friend and foe. After moving from Dartmouth to Digby in 1999, the 101 has connected me with my family & friends, it’s taken my children to hospitals, sports & cultural events, and soon university. But it also reminds me of the decision I made years ago, to leave Dartmouth, distancing me from my roots, my beginnings, my comfort.

Thankfully, the southwest Nova sky has brought me resolve on my highway journeys. It’s ever changing beauty, laying it’s quiet hand on my shoulder, has made me realize there really is no distance between all of us. We are all traveling roads with questions of connection – all traveling under one sky, forever pushing & pulling between light & land.”

– Kelli Janson