Buying Art Made Easy with Art Lease Canada

Have you ever felt like buying art was out of reach?  I have.  But then I discovered the brilliant program Art Lease!

Art Lease Canada is a fantastic concept – you can bring home that stunning artwork you’ve fallen in love with, NOW – and pay for it in equal monthly payments.  You’re not paying to rent an artwork for a period of time only to have to return it later – you’re leasing to own!  At the end of the term, the piece is yours to enjoy forever.

It makes perfect sense – the world operates on monthly installments, so why not art too?  It’s common to pay for that new sofa or appliance or home renovation over time; why not do the same with a piece of art that will bring inspiration and joy every day?

The benefits are even better for businesses – did you know that businesses can purchase art through Art Lease and every single monthly payment is 100% tax deductible.  Amazing – you can brighten up your working environment while supporting local artists AND get a tax credit for the whole thing!

 Art Lease Canada is headquartered here in Halifax, NS.   To learn more about the benefits of Art Lease click here