Anna Fiander: Silhouettes June 25-July 14


“My paintings are a journey through colour, line and form. I use bold, bright and pleasing colours, circle shapes and black contrasts to create a visual adventure.

Our visual perception system is the most complex of our senses. The eye provides the mechanism of seeing, but the brain processes colour in two separate parts of the brain – one deals with luminance perception and the other with hue recognition. In addition, other parts of the brain provide memory, experience, emotional response and contextual significance on a personal level. Thus, each person’s viewing of a painting is unique.

In my paintings bright colours are arranged in lines, inviting the eye to travel vertically, following the colours but detouring around the circles to gaze at the negative spaces created by the solid colour interruptions, usually in black or gray. The solid colour shapes are circular as well, and form varied patterns throughout the piece – repetitious but not always uniform. This causes the viewer to seek out aberrations of pattern over the entire surface, returning again to the verticality of colour lines. In this way the entire surface is explored.

My paintings are not about world issues. They are a personal communication with your views of colour. I want to flex your perception, illuminate and relax your brain while stimulating your emotional connections to colour.

I want to bring colour enjoyment and exploration pleasures to the viewer in an experience that opens an interactive, fascinating portal to awareness of self.”

Anna grew up in Summerville Centre, Queens County, N.S., moving to Halifax for her education and work. Although trained as a professional librarian and researcher, her heart has always been in the world of art. She fulfilled a lifelong dream this spring when she graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Painting.

Her paintings involve the exploration of colour, line and form. She wants the viewer to take pleasure in the multiplicities of colour relationships while exploring the intricacies of the layers of lines and geometric forms merging and diverging over the surface of her pieces. The play between uniformity and aberration creates an escape and an adventure for the viewer, making each approach fresh and unique.