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I find story telling to be an important part of our culture, and as an artist I have a desire to tell stories.  I enjoy creating art that is messy and that still makes a connection through expression, colour and texture. Some of the happiest moments in life come out of mess and I believe that comes through in my art.  I find my inspiration comes from day to day life and the desire to capture it in my unique way. I begin a piece by envisioning the end result, and the adventure that lies inside it. My process is lively, and when I am painting I feel alive, free and unstoppable. Creating art allows me to express myself without fear. I use palette knives to build up layers and textures of paint allows me to carve out my vision in a blunt and flexible manner. I am passionate about staying fresh and continually evolving as an artist so that each piece of artwork is unique. My creative outlet means almost everything to me. It is therapy, exploration and passion… you have to let those things outside of yourself.

     – Doug Belding